Monthly Program

Wed., April 24th  7:30 PM

 NHMS “Kick Off 2019” Event

 Earth Day Meditation and Healing Program

with Guest Speaker
Colin Fleagel
Sacred Sound Musician

“Sound is all around us. The earth is all around us. Come explore your sacred connection to the earth and its frequencies, through guided meditations that will fill your heart and balance your energy with the heavenly sounds of didgeridoo, flute. gongs and
crystal singing bowls”


Colin Fleagel, sacred sound musician, will present a special Earth Day meditation and healing program for the New Hope Metaphysical Society at Pebble Hill Church in Doylestown, Pa. He will offer two sound healing meditations sessions using sacred indigenous instruments.


During the first half of the program, Amy Gialuco, Director of the NHMS, will  join Colin Fleagel in a prayer/meditation for the Earth. He will accompany Ms. Gialuco on flute and didgeridoo while she guides the audience through the meditation.  In the second half of the program Colin will offer  a chakra balancing meditation and healing session using the sacred tones of singing crystal bowls and gongs.(Feel free to bring a mat, blanket or pillow for your added comfort). Light refreshments will be available

General Admission is $15  online or $20  at the door.
Love Donations will be accepted. No one will be turned away from the door!   

Don’t miss this auspicious event of sacred healing and blessings celebrating Mother Earth.
Guaranteed to be a heavenly experence!! 

Biography of Speaker

Colin’s spiritual connection  was nurtured from birth as a result of being raised in a household where  healing was brought about through love and prayerful meditation. Growing up  this way has inspired him to create healing for others through a variety of creative and spiritual modalities.  He expresses this intention through his musicanship and  through  spiritual healing practices. As a musician,  he uses drums, crystal singing bowls, didgeridoo, native flutes, gongs and various other instruments to offer an experience of love, peace and healing.

He began practicing yoga and meditation in 1994. Hi more recent studies include Vipassana meditation, Conscious Masculinity with Dr. Robert Glover, Shin Tai with Saul Goodman, Munay Ki Shamanism with Leo McElroy,  Reiki 2 with Val and Ian Haag, Landmark education, and he is a leader in training in the Mankind Project. He has more recently studied the didgeridoo with Phil James from Australia.

He presently works as the manager of Deer Park Spiritual Retreat Center in New Hope, Pa. and is the proud father of four children. Colin can be contacted by e-mail at [email protected]

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