Monthly Program

Special Thanksgiving Event

Wed., Nov. 28      7:30 PM    

“Gratitude in a Time of Loss:

A Thanksgiving Message from Spirit


Amy Bortner-Gialuco
Director, New Hope Metaphysical Society

Pebble Hill Church

320 Edison-Furlong Rd.
Doylestown, Pa. 18901



Welcome to the Our Special Event!

“Autumn is a season that reminds us of the harvest and to be grateful for our abundance. It is also a time that reminds us of the need to release that which has completed its purpose so that we can allow for a new cycle to begin. This process of letting go involves a form of grieving (a loss) which eventually leads to an acceptance (with gratitude) for the resultant new possibilities and positive changes that occur.”

Amy Gialuco will describe her personal “Autumn” in her life by elucidating the process of loss, grieving, acceptance and gratitude that occurred after the death of her husband and partner, John Gialuco, who passed away  on December 7, 2017. John was the co-founder of both the Ascordia Center and the New Hope Metaphysical Society and had been Amy’s life partner for thirty years. Through a combination of personal story, including the description of several paranormal events and dream visitations from John, she will also offer  inspired messages and a guided meditation to further deepen our appreciation and understanding of loss, grieving and ultimately acceptance and gratitude that results from this very personal journey.

Refreshments will be served.  Off street parking is available.  Admission is $20 at the door or $15 online. All proceeds will benefit the New Hope Metaphysical Society to continue their programming for the next year. For more information, call NHMS @ 215-242-0185

Biography of Speaker
Amy Bortner-Gialuco is the current  Director of the New Hope Metaphysical Society and former director of the Ascordia Center of Light in Phila., Pa. She has a BA in Philosophy and numerous certifications in channeling, energy healing, Feng Shui and therapeutic massage. Amy developed her psychic gifts early in life becoming a conscious channel by age twenty six. She considers herself a spiritual messenger and has been a “voice for spirit” for over two decades. She offers her services to the public, now, as an energy healer, spiritual counselor and metaphysical teacher.

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Online registration is $15/per person; $10 for low income or if you bring a snack to share


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