May Program

Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy:
Where Science, Sound and Spirituality Meet”

With Lisa Alexander

Certified Master Vibrational Sound Therapist,
Quantum Metaphysician and Angel Intuitive

Program Date/Time

The New Hope Metaphysical Society will be meeting on Wednesday, May 24 at 7:30 PM in the Main Hall of the Red Barn at Pebble Hill Church, 320 Edison-Furlong Rd., Doylestown, Pa. 18901

Program Description

Lisa Alexander, Meditation teacher and Sound Therapist, and  creator/practitioner  of the Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy™ will be presenting a unique program for the audience on sound healing. With uniquely-designed tuning forks, calibrated to the same frequencies as ancient Solfeggio tones, Lisa is able to facilitate the release of blocked chi (energy) as well as stimulate the flow of chi throughout the body. Additionally, the vibrational rate of the energy fields of the body are elevated and optimized, cleared and balanced, assisting the body to heal itself in a safe and gentle fashion. This technique also elevates one’s personal vibrational rate and keeps this rate sustained and maintained well after a healing session is over. This modality has been known to dramatically reduce stress, help with sleep issues, reduce addictions, improve mental clarity and bring about dramatic emotional and physical healing. The proof has been in the miraculous outcomes received from hundreds of clients and students who have come to Ms. Alexander over the years.

This evening, you will be able to experience some of these miracles yourself as Lisa will explain her healing technique and how she came by it, give demonstrations of her sound therapy with the Tuning forks on audience participants and will also guide the audience through one of her unique chakra clearing meditations. She will also leave time for questions and answers and will bring some of her healing meditation CD’s and products for purchase. Refreshments will be available throughout the evening.  Off street parking is available. 

Program Admission

Admission to this program is $15 at the door or $10 online.  You can pre-register online by clicking on the “Buy Now”  button underneath the  “Program Admission ” post on the right side of this page.

April Program

Wednesday, April 26            7:30 PM

“Spiritual Activism”


Reverend Rhetta Morgan

Speaker and Program Presenter


The Rev. Rhetta Morgan  will be the featured  speaker at our April meeting.   She is an interfaith minister,  accomplished singer, activist and  founder of Ecclesia Spirit, an inclusive ministry of events that support transformation, located in Philadelphia, Pa.  She will be offering a dynamic program on the topic of “Spiritual Activism”. 

Rev. Morgan has put together a presentation for this evening that will include a soul stirring lecture and interactive element including songs, prayers and dance, all of which will focus on positive social action that is grounded in our spiritual nature.  Through this presentation, you  will  be given concrete strategies for change  in the area (of your choice) such as social justice, politics and care of the environment.  In her own words, “The change we want in the world is the outcome of both the cultivation of our inner spiritual awareness and strength as well as practical actions taken in the world.  Let us come together to have  fun and to inspire each other to work for a better world!”

Rev. Rhetta Morgan is an interfaith minister, musician and activist in the Philadelphia area. She is founder of Ecclesia Spirit, an inclusive ministry of gatherings, events and offerings that support profound transformation. Ordained in 2009 at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, Rev. Morgan left a career as professional, international singer to integrate her love of music, spirituality and activism into opportunities to serve the current change in paradigm.  She has worked with EQAT, Philly Thrive, The New Economy Coalition and Protecting our Waters, as musical leader and spiritual anchor. Rev. Rhetta’s most meaningful work is mentoring and counseling activists in our area, encouraging self-care and what she calls a spiritual tool box, to aid against despair, overwhelm and depression.

March Program

Wednesday, March 22      7:30 PM    

“Creating a Positive Future through the Power of Intention”


Sheila Reynolds

Spiritual Medium and Meditation Teacher


Many of my friends and family, as well as myself, have been dealing with disorientation, anxiety, anger, and fear since The Election. I’ve identified these as areas of concern:

  • How to distinguish fake news from the real facts. How to trust ourselves to know what are lies and what is the truth
  • How to deal with the government’s thoughtless disregard in making decisions affecting our country and the security of the entire world.
  • How to ameliorate the constant shaming, humiliation, bullying, and lack of empathy coming to the surface on all levels of society

To help people re-center, ground and balance (and to become more pro-active), we will concentrate on the qualities of Truth, Wisdom, and Kindness as our new focus. During this evening’s program, we will  focus on those qualities, through meditation and reflection, and  feeling the power of those qualities,  project their power out into the world, creating a new energy dynamic for the world.

To make an intention for the Good, for Truth, for Wisdom and for Kindness is a necessary pre-requisite to changing the world and its direction.  Let us change the world together  through intentional community and sharing.

Won’t you join us this evening?


Sheila Reynolds is a gifted channel of spirit and teacher of metaphysics. Her early influences include the writings and teachings of Carl Jung, Jane Roberts, Alan Watts, and Robert Monroe.

In 1978, Sheila co-founded Mind Matters with retired therapist Sandra Stevens author of Being Alive is Being Psychic, about how they began their metaphysical journey in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Over the years, Sheila has helped thousands of individuals enhance their meditation experiences and learn to recognize and utilize their own inner guidance.

Sheila offers private (in-person) readings, long-distance readings, and group classes. For more information about Sheila and her services, go to

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August Program

Wed., August  24   7:30 PM

“Divine  Didgeridoo
Harold Smith

Harold Smith

As a multi-talented musician, Harold E. Smith makes music out of anything he picks up. He plays drums, wind and percussion instruments from many continents, gongs, whistles, conch shells and the traditional Australian Didgeridoo. In the jazz domain, Harold is noted for his highly energized, emotional, and innovative style of drumming, both as a leader and sideman. In all domains, Harold Smith is a person deeply in touch with the spirit of nature and the nature of our spirit. The first time he picked up the didgeridoo, he could play it.

When he plays, he is always in conversation with the Great Spirit. He makes music that warms folk’s hearts, and brings smiles to their faces. The music comes from his heart, and his magical soul to ours. Harold has not just sought out the indigenous instruments from around the world, he has spent time with people who make and play them in concert settings and socially. From the Australian Aborigines, Wugularr Community, the very ones that made some of his Didgeridoos, sharing talks and music in his home, to the Tibetan Monks from various monasteries, Sera Je, Ganden Jangtse, and the more recent Drepung Gomang Monastery.

Harold Smith 2

Special Online Admission Price for this Event -$12.00/per person