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Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine

Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine [OFFICIAL VERSION] – YouTube

Over the years, I started teaching a simple energy routine that people could do every day in five to seven minutes to establish positive “energy habits” in their bodies which strengthen their immune systems and help them navigate through the stresses we all face today. Thousands of people around the world are now doing it daily! Based on their feedback, I would tweak it every now and then to make it even more effective. I’ve just filmed the definitive version. It is solid, and I have tons of evidence that it works. You need only do it!

Here is a quick list of what is covered in this Daily Energy Routine:
1. The Four Thumps
2. The Crossover Shoulder Pull
3. The Cross Crawl
4. The Wayne Cook Posture
5. The Crown Pull
6. Connecting Heaven and Earth
7. The Zip Up
8. The Hook Up