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Now accepting Love Donations (Pay what you Can!)

Wed., March 25, 2020

7:30 PM

“Beyond Abraham: Seth Speaks Again!”
Special Channeling Program and Livestream Event! 

Admission – $25 or Love Donation

with Guest Speaker
Michelle Bunting

 Spiritual medium, Past Life Regressionist,  Life Coach   In light of the public concerns surrounding the corona virus pandemic, The New Hope Metaphysical Society has decided to forego the usual protocol of a physical meeting and will offer their first program of the year as a virtual event. And due to the unusual financial circumstances created by the corona virus pandemic,we are now allowing people to pay by love donation (pay what you feel or can afford) at the registration site in lieu of the regular admission price of $25.

See Below for More Details

In a program entitled “Beyond Abraham; Seth Speaks Again!”, Michelle Bunting will channel  the spiritual entity known as Seth, originally channeled by Jane Roberts in the mid-sixties in Elmira, NY.  Seth channeled many books through Ms. Roberts and his influence in the global New Age community has been enormous and ever lasting.

The event format will include a short introduction from Michelle who will then allow for Seth to “come through” and make an initial greeting statement and message.  Then there is a question and answer session in which members of the  community get to ask a personal question to Seth directly. For those of you who have read either the Seth material or the Abraham material, this event should prove to be a fascinating journey and a chance for you to receive guidance about your personal concerns from a deep and respected source of knowledge. 

You can access this event with a special link to Ms. Bunting’s website (see below) where you can register and pay for the program at the same time.  Once registered, you will receive through your email,  a special link to the program that will  automatically take you to the video “room” where the live stream program will begin.

Regular Admission to this event is $25
or love donation (pay what you feel or can afford)

To register and pay the admission fee or to make a love donation, please click on the link below: