June 2019

Wed., June 26, 2019  7:30 PM

 NHMS June Event

“The Power of Giving Unconditionally”

One Woman’s Spiritual Journey

Lecture and Meditation Program
with Guest Speaker

Dr. Jana Millman-Mallis
Psychologist, spiritual teacher, psychic, healer

Dr. Jana Mallis has worked in the field of psychology for over three decades. She has a mental health practice  in various institutions and works with patients who suffer from   depression, anxiety,  stress  and autism spectrum disorders. She also offers stress management and relationship issue counseling on a public and private basis. She has a video series entitled “Ask Dr. Jana” that can be seen on Youtube.  She is also the founder of the Golden Heart meditation group which began in 1993 and the Golden Heart Banquet for unsung heroes in the community since 1995. She can be contacted at [email protected].

Dr. Jana Millman- Mallis began her spiritual journey at a young age. Born with the “gift”, she could see spirit and would have premonitions  about people, especially about when  they were going to pass away. By the age of 12, she developed the ability to see information about a person through their handwriting.  Her father, who was also a psychologist, would bring samples of handwriting from his own personal case files, just to see what insights Jana would receive about his clients by looking at their handwriting. She was also able to channel information from spirit and used automatic writing to receive messages.  Her father saw that she had remarkable psychic gifts and counseled her to use her gifts wisely and with discernment, gently supporting her abilities and allowing her to integrate her psychic abilities with her remarkable intellectual capacities.

Over the years,  “Dr. Jana” has studied psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, religion and linguistics to help her understand her own personal gifts as well as to help others understand their gifts and to feel more love and acceptance accordingly.   As a consequence, she has developed a spiritual practice of daily meditation which enhanced and enabled her abilities and to ground them into a daily routine and perspective of unconditional loving and giving. 

She developed a meditation/visualization process which she dubbed The Golden Heart  Meditation and began to share it with others , formally starting a meditation group in the early ‘90’s. The Golden Heart meditation is one in which one receives inspiration and  love from many spiritual sources including from one’s loved ones who have passed over,  from all the different saints,  gurus, ascended masters, angels and ultimately from one’s Higher Self. It also teaches one to send love and healing unconditionally to all who are in need.  The Golden Hearts of love are images used to both receive and send love during this meditation.

She continues to hold these meditation gatherings to this day.  During these sessions, she offers people an opportunity to share a meal and spiritual conversation, then gives a group blessing and healing, using a dedicated prayer list and then gives the meditation which can last upwards to an hour alone.  After the meditation, there is a social break and then the program is  dedicated to Jana’s receiving and giving out  messages  to all the members of the group and to giving out healing sessions , both privately and with the group.  She usually shares messages from loved ones who have passed away to the people attending the group.  The messages , which come in the form of voice channeling or automatic writing sessions  are inspirational, insightful and very accurate and are especially helpful to those who suffer from  grief and loss.

Dr. Millman-Mallis will re-invoke the spirit of her meditation gatherings by first offering a brief biographical lecture, detailing her awakening to her psychic gifts and how she integrated them into her life.  She will then offer a “Golden Heart” meditation and then, a psychic gallery, where she will receive and give messages to all who attend tonight’s program.  Always generous, always giving, Dr. Mallis will also be bringing food to share with our community.  This will be a very special evening, full of love, compassion and blessings from Spirit!