June 2019

Wed., June 26, 2019  7:30 PM

 NHMS June Event

“The Power of Giving Unconditionally”

One Woman’s Spiritual Journey

Lecture and Meditation Program
with Guest Speaker

Dr. Jana Millman-Mallis
Psychologist, spiritual teacher, psychic, healer

Dr. Jana Mallis has worked in the field of psychology for over three decades. She has a mental health practice  in various institutions and works with patients who suffer from   depression, anxiety,  stress  and autism spectrum disorders. She also offers stress management and relationship issue counseling on a public and private basis. She has a video series entitled “Ask Dr. Jana” that can be seen on Youtube.  She is also the founder of the Golden Heart meditation group which began in 1993 and the Golden Heart Banquet for unsung heroes in the community since 1995. She can be contacted at [email protected].

Dr. Jana Millman- Mallis began her spiritual journey at a young age. Born with the “gift”, she could see spirit and would have premonitions  about people, especially about when  they were going to pass away. By the age of 12, she developed the ability to see information about a person through their handwriting.  Her father, who was also a psychologist, would bring samples of handwriting from his own personal case files, just to see what insights Jana would receive about his clients by looking at their handwriting. She was also able to channel information from spirit and used automatic writing to receive messages.  Her father saw that she had remarkable psychic gifts and counseled her to use her gifts wisely and with discernment, gently supporting her abilities and allowing her to integrate her psychic abilities with her remarkable intellectual capacities.

Over the years,  “Dr. Jana” has studied psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, religion and linguistics to help her understand her own personal gifts as well as to help others understand their gifts and to feel more love and acceptance accordingly.   As a consequence, she has developed a spiritual practice of daily meditation which enhanced and enabled her abilities and to ground them into a daily routine and perspective of unconditional loving and giving. 

She developed a meditation/visualization process which she dubbed The Golden Heart  Meditation and began to share it with others , formally starting a meditation group in the early ‘90’s. The Golden Heart meditation is one in which one receives inspiration and  love from many spiritual sources including from one’s loved ones who have passed over,  from all the different saints,  gurus, ascended masters, angels and ultimately from one’s Higher Self. It also teaches one to send love and healing unconditionally to all who are in need.  The Golden Hearts of love are images used to both receive and send love during this meditation.

She continues to hold these meditation gatherings to this day.  During these sessions, she offers people an opportunity to share a meal and spiritual conversation, then gives a group blessing and healing, using a dedicated prayer list and then gives the meditation which can last upwards to an hour alone.  After the meditation, there is a social break and then the program is  dedicated to Jana’s receiving and giving out  messages  to all the members of the group and to giving out healing sessions , both privately and with the group.  She usually shares messages from loved ones who have passed away to the people attending the group.  The messages , which come in the form of voice channeling or automatic writing sessions  are inspirational, insightful and very accurate and are especially helpful to those who suffer from  grief and loss.

Dr. Millman-Mallis will re-invoke the spirit of her meditation gatherings by first offering a brief biographical lecture, detailing her awakening to her psychic gifts and how she integrated them into her life.  She will then offer a “Golden Heart” meditation and then, a psychic gallery, where she will receive and give messages to all who attend tonight’s program.  Always generous, always giving, Dr. Mallis will also be bringing food to share with our community.  This will be a very special evening, full of love, compassion and blessings from Spirit!


May Program 2019

Wed., May 22, 2019  7:30 PM

 NHMS Special Event

Nomoli Stones- The Unknown “Ancient Alien Stones”
from West Africa

Lecture and Meditation Program
with Guest Speaker

Ben Vonderheide 
Ancient Sacred Artifacts Researcher/Explorer/Entrepreneur

Nomoli stones are ancient stone figurines  used by many tribes in West Africa for sacred ceremony and healing for thousands of years.  These stones are truly  mysterious and  a hidden treasure whose origins are still unknown but are presently being re-examined by ancient artifact collector, Ben Vonderheide.

Ben Vonderheide, is a local Pennsylvania businessman and entrepreneur who has recently  acquired the Nomoli stones, through a friend with contacts deep in the jungles of West Africa. His research into their origin and purpose has led him to produce an expedition into the jungles of W. Africa to find more stones as well as to interview local native shamans and medicine men about their contemporary usage. Through private expeditions, research, documentation and experimentation, Ben has discovered many answers that explain  their mysterious origin and function and  has been able to address many issues that the early explorers and scientists have not been able to satisfy. i.e

How old are they? Who carved them and why? What were they created for and how were they used in ancient sacred rituals? Do they still contain ancient mystical powers? Why were they originally buried deep in the ground? Do these figurines represent Gods and goddesses from an ancient culture?

Ben will be giving the public at large, an opportunity to hear about his research on the Nomoli stones and to actually feel their healing power through a program he will be giving at the May meeting of the New Hope Metaphysical Society. 

There, he will offer a three part program in which he will first explain the way in which he researched the stones and the results of his research, answering many of his original questions plus addressing concerns about how this new information will impact ancient alien/ancient civilization theories as well as alternative medicine and science. Then he will have everyone engage in a mini healing session with one of the stones and then will conclude the evening with a group meditation with one of the general healing stones. Included in his lecture will be a display of the stones taken from his private museum collection, which will be available for sale and information about his future tv show he is planning for development – “The Nomoli Hunters”.

Admission to this program is $15 online and $20 at the door. Off street parking is available.

Biography of Speaker

Ben Vonderheide, is a local Pennsylvania businessman, entrepreneur and ancient artifact collector who has recently discovered and acquired ancient stone figurines, the Nomoli stones, through a friend with contacts deep in the jungles of West Africa. His research into their origin and purpose has led him to produce an expedition into the jungles of W. Africa to find more stones as well as to interview local native shamans and medicine men about their contemporary usage.  Friends with several men who are explorers and soldiers, he has taken great chances with them to find these stones in West Africa, battling child soldiers, mercenaries and government agencies who, for various reasons, do not want these stones to become common knowledge. As a result of his expedition, he has been contacted by a prominent television show who has recently taped a session with him where he reveals some of the history and purpose of these stones.  “Nomoli Ben” is also in production with his own tv show called “The Nomoli Hunters”.  He lives in Lancaster, Pa and can be reached at 717-872-4018.  For more information about his upcoming tv show or future research, go to his website@ AncientAlienStones.com

April Program- 2019

Wed., April 24th  7:30 PM

 NHMS “Kick Off 2019” Event

 Earth Day Meditation and Healing Program

with Guest Speaker
Colin Fleagel
Sacred Sound Musician

“Sound is all around us. The earth is all around us. Come explore your sacred connection to the earth and its frequencies, through guided meditations that will fill your heart and balance your energy with the heavenly sounds of didgeridoo, flute. gongs and crystal singing bowls”

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Colin Fleagel, sacred sound musician, will present a special Earth Day meditation and healing program for the NHMS community at Pebble Hill Church , 320 Edison Furlong Rd in Doylestown, Pa.


Amy Gialuco, Director of the NHMS, will first join Colin in an Earth Day prayer/meditation in which Colin will accompany Ms. Gialuco on flute and didgeridoo.  In the second half of the program Colin will guide us through a chakra balancing meditation and healing program using singing crystal bowls and Gongs

Don’t miss this auspicious event of sacred healing and blessings celebrating Earth Day.  Feel free to bring a mat, blanket or pillow for your added comfort.  General Admission is $15  online or $20  at the door.   Love Donations of $10 or more will also be accepted at the door.   Light refreshments will be available. 


October -2018


Wed., October 24      7:30 PM    

NHMS Fall Fun-draiser Event!

“Communicating with the Other Side”

Lecture and Psychic Gallery


Judy Kay
Spiritual Medium


Welcome to the Our Halloween Fundraiser Event!

The New Hope Metaphysical Society will offer a Halloween reat to the NHMS community at their kick off Fundraiser in late October this year. Famous Psychic Medium and Spiritual Reader, Judy Kay, will offer a program entitled “Communicating with the Other Side” in which she will give a short lecture about her experiences as a psychic medium who was born with “the gift of second sight” since birth.

Following the lecture and a short Q & A session, she will offer an hour long psychic gallery in which she will bring forth messages to the audience members from deceased loved ones, spiritual guides and angelic beings. (Due to time constraints and numbers in attendance, you are not guaranteed a message) However, the messages brought forth usually have a high relevance for many members of the audience and the energies brought forth from the spiritual dimensions always have a healing and inspirational effect on everyone. So come join us and receive the love, energy and messages from your loved ones in spirit who care so very much for you!!

Refreshments will be served.  Off street parking is available.  Admission is $25 at the door or online. All proceeds will benefit the New Hope Metaphysical Society to continue their programming for the next year. For more information, call NHMS @ 215-242-0185

  Ticket Payment

Please click on the button below to be redirected to PayPal where you can pay (through Paypal or credit card).  The online registration is $25/per person.

November Program

Wed., November 15             7:30 PM

“An Evening with Archangel Metatron”


Nicole Bowdler
Spiritual Medium


Welcome to the Our (Angelic) Fundraiser Event!

This November, we are offering our final program for the year with a channeling presentation from the celestial realm that will “knock your socks off’!

Nicole Bowdler, spiritual channel and medium from Ft. Worth, Texas, will be literally “flying in” to offer an evening of joy, humor and inspiration as she channels the energy and worldview of the Archangel Metatron for our NHMS community. Ms. Bowdler has been connected to the Angelic Realm since birth and has been a channel for spirit for the last ten years working almost exclusively with the energies of Archangel Metatron.

The Archangel Metatron is understood to be one of the most powerful angels in the celestial hierarchy.  He has been described as the “scribe of God” who oversees the Akashic records, recording the good deeds that people do in “The Book of Life”.

Archangel Metatron will talk at great length about discerning Spiritual Knowledge and Truth and will also be discussing the different dimensions of reality that exist and how to navigate the physical dimension (as we know it here on planet Earth).  He will also have a very specific and grand message for those in attendance of this program.  Ultimately, Archangel Metatron will endeavor, as all angels do, to help us understand how to achieve a state of peace and joy by encouraging us to stay positive in our thoughts; centered, balanced, grounded in our energies and confident in all that we do!

Each member of the audience will have an opportunity to ask questions directly to Archangel Metatron  as Ms. Bowdler’s unique style of channeling allows for the audience to ask questions directly to “him”. Metatron is known to offer guidance in a way that is useful and fruitful and often uses humor and laughter to explain his perspective.

So, they say that “angels fly high because they take themselves lightly”.  So, come see how light(ly) you can feel and be after this evening’s presentation when you will feel the light (and the love and the wisdom) from the angelic realm.

Admission to this program will be $25 at the door and $20 online.  All proceeds will benefit the New Hope Metaphysical Society to continue their programming for the next year.

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October Program

Wednesday, October 18         7:30 PM

Healing Negative Karma


Hugh Strain


Master Energy Healer , Hugh Strain, who comes from Washington, D.C. will be the featured speaker for our October meeting.  Hugh will be offering a very unique program  about Healing Negative Karma which will include a lecture, power point presentation and video on the importance of clearing one’s karmic patterns and conditions in one’s life. Mr. Strain wants us to know that the information he is offering this evening is being done so at a time in Earth’s history when all of humanity is required to uplift their frequency and soul standing to support Mother Earth in her transition.  Clearing negative karma and increasing one’s health will allow each person to serve humanity and the earth  in a more profound manner.

The key message that he wishes to present is that all illness is caused by blockages at three levels- Soul, Energy and Matter with soul blockages (negative karma) being the most important to clear first as they are responsible for the majority of physical illness in one’s life. Hugh will provide an extensive description and discussion about key negative karmas that the majority of people are involved with and will, later in his program, present various facilitated exercises and practices to clear negative Karma (Soul blockages) including sacred chants, calligraphy tracing, forgiveness practices and preparations for a fire burning ceremony to be done on New Years Day 2018. Q&A sessions will take place before the first break and after each facilitated exercise.

NOTE: Hugh Strain will remain in the Doylestown area on Thursday, October 19  and Friday, October 20 to offer healing sessions for those who may have an interest in furthering their spiritual journey. This work is called The Reconnection and is unique in that it must be conducted in person (45 min. each day) for two consecutive days. Healing sessions will be conducted on the hour from 9am – 8pm with 12noon and 6pm unavailable. A detailed description is located at this link:  The Reconnection:   http://www.thereconnection.com/eric-pearl/reconnective-healing-the-reconnection/. There will ONLY BE 10 OPENINGS for this work.  The cost is $333 payable by check or cash only. If interested, please schedule in advance with Hugh at: [email protected]


Biography of Speaker

Hugh Strain is a former Naval Officer currently working for a Fortune 500 company in the Washington,  D.C. area. He has a B.S. from the U.S. Naval Academy and an M.A. in National Security Studies  from Georgetown University. For the past 26 years as a  government contractor, he has used his creative skills to help solve challenging and highly complex national security issues including Counter Terrorism analysis. Since receiving a Kundalini awakening in 1997, Hugh has been studying and practicing numerous healing modalities. With assistance from Gurus, Masters, M.D.s, Alternative Healers, Shamans, Kahunas and loving mentors, he has integrated 5000 year old Tao secrets and teachings with other contemporary healing modalities to develop a 3-Tiered healing system that can help improve your life. In support of this approach he has worked extensively for three years to certify or master the following modalities: Tao Healing Hands, Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection-The Emotion/Body Code, and Food Healing.


Admission to this program is $15 at the door
or $10 online.  

September Program

Wednesday, September 27         7:30 PM

“Living a Spiritually Centered Existence”


Rich Braconi

                                          Spirit Medium/Medical Intuitive


Program Description

 Richard Braconi, former Philadelphia police detective and narcotics investigator,  has developed  his gifts over the last ten years as a medical intuitive and psychic/medium and now offers his talent as a spirit medium, Spiritual Life Mentor and Medical Intuitive to the public at large.  In this evening’s program, he will share his personal experiences on how he created a more spiritually centered existence for himself that transformed him into the person he is today.  Rich will also share in the process that allowed him to communicate with higher wisdom, spirit beings, to see future events, past lives and medical imbalances.  In the latter half of the evening, Rich will be focusing his discussion on four main topics: The spiritual communication of unconditional love; the will of our spirit; the language of our spirit; and giving up sole ownership over our life.   


Rich is a retired undercover narcotic and criminal investigations detective.  While experiencing a low point in his life, Rich turned to his Catholic upbringing to seek a higher guidance.  Not knowing if this higher guidance truly existed, Rich decided to seek the truth for himself.  Over the next 10 years, Rich dedicated himself to proving the existence of his spirit.  As a result of this endeavor, Rich now has the ability of remaining spiritually centered, communicating with any other source of spiritual energy and enjoying a much more loved based relationship with the world around him.     

Admission to this program is $15 at the door
or $10 online.  

August Program

Wednesday, August 30 7:30 PM

“Psychic Gallery”

Spiritual Medium(s)

Lorna Hines and Tim Wallace


Program Description

The New Hope Metaphysical Society will be celebrating it’s 27th anniversary this month with a powerful program guaranteed to inspire and inform. Rev. Lorna Hines and her associate, Tim Wallace, both gifted psychic mediums will be available this evening to offer readings and messages “from the other side’ within the format of a psychic gallery. This will be an opportunity for our community to receive personal guidance as well as messages from their deceased loved ones from (not one but) two gifted mediums at once! So, join us in this “once in a lifetime” opportunity to reach out to the other side and be met by love, healing and inspiration. Admission includes program, Refreshments and networking table. Cake and coffee will be served at intermission. Off street parking is available.

Admission to this program is $15 at the door
or $10 online.

Biography of Presenters

Lorna Hines

Lorna J. Hines is a multi talented and gifted Medium, Healer, Intuitive Counselor, Inspirational Speaker and Teacher who was initially guided into the Behavioral Health Industry to provide compassionate care to those with unseen hurts and pain. After more than 40 years as a Psychotherapist, Administrator, Professor and CEO, she was guided by Spirit and her guides to expand her natural abilities in mediumship, healing, and inspirational speaking. She sought instruction and guidance from world-renowned mediums and grew extensively under the tutelage of the gifted James Van Praagh. In recognition of her abilities, James selected her as one his Practitioners listed on his website. She has also grown under the mentorship of Mavis Patilla, Rev. Janet Nohovec, Simon James and Brian Robertson’s “School of the Soul “. She is currently a student with the Spiritualist National Union PAS Program, and has completed online mentorship in mediumship and teaching with Tony Stockwell.

Tim Wallace

As an accomplished Physician’s Assistant with 23 years of clinical practice with under served communities in NYC and Philadelphia, Tim Wallace, has long proven he has what it takes to truly care and be sensitive to others. Having long had a calling, a drive and a need for something deeper in his life’s work, Tim began his spiritual education, seeking out and studying under tested and internationally respected Mediums Rev. Janet Nohavec, Tony Stockwell, John Holland and Connie Bell-Dixon. He has just completed a two year mentorship program with World Renowned Medium and Spirit Artist Joseph Shiel and is beginning a third year of intensive study in Forensic Mediumship. Tim is also a Certified Reiki Master and recently completed a Certificate Program in Hypnosis at the NLP Center of New York.

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July Program

Wednesday, July  26         7:30 PM

“Oracle Healing”
“The Bridge to Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit ”

Katherine WolffMaster Energy Healer/ Psycho-therapeutic Intuitive

Katherine Wolff is a psycho-therapeutic intuitive and has been in the holistic healing arts for over 12 years. Her education, training and personal healing journey have revealed to her a unique ability to heal others in the realm of deep seated emotional pain and trauma. She sites her gifts as an empath and intuitive as what is most utilized in her healing work.  She calls her work Oracle Healing.

Ms. Wolff will first describe her personal healing journey and how it led her to discover the Oracle Healing method.  She will then explain and demonstrate the Oracle healing methodology which first identifies and uncovers deep seated emotional pain and trauma and then releases the pain completely.  In the process of releasing long standing emotional pain, long term physical symptoms and conditions are also healed and released.  During the evening, Katherine will also demonstrate and teach emotional healing techniques to the audience that they can use with a partner or with oneself for emotional self-care.Note:  Tears may shed during the practice portion of the program.  If you are uncomfortable with participating in the practice portion of the program, you are more than welcome to observe and help support the general healing energy of the group.

By the end of this lecture, you will have gained a deeper understanding of how negative emotions impact our lives and the importance of healing negative emotions for greater physical health and emotional well being.  You will also understand how our emotional state affects our personal intuition and connection to our higher self and even to Universal energies.  You will also be given varying healing techniques to use at home for emotional self care and maintenance.

Please wear comfortable clothing and come with an open heart to create a safe and sacred space for emotional healing!

Biography of Speaker

Katherine is a Master healer and teacher, educated and trained in a wide span of healing methods such as massage therapy, Reiki, and numerous other  energy healing modalities. The integration of her knowledge, skills and natural abilities to address and heal emotional wounds on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels is unparalleled.  This integrated approach to healing clears a deep path to connecting to one’s intuitions and to one’s higher-self perceptions (and beyond!)  through understanding, forgiving and (ultimately)unconditionally loving oneself.

Admission to this program is $15 at the door
or $10 online.  

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