July Program

Wednesday, July  26         7:30 PM

“Oracle Healing”
“The Bridge to Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit ”

Katherine WolffMaster Energy Healer/ Psycho-therapeutic Intuitive

Katherine Wolff is a psycho-therapeutic intuitive and has been in the holistic healing arts for over 12 years. Her education, training and personal healing journey have revealed to her a unique ability to heal others in the realm of deep seated emotional pain and trauma. She sites her gifts as an empath and intuitive as what is most utilized in her healing work.  She calls her work Oracle Healing.

Ms. Wolff will first describe her personal healing journey and how it led her to discover the Oracle Healing method.  She will then explain and demonstrate the Oracle healing methodology which first identifies and uncovers deep seated emotional pain and trauma and then releases the pain completely.  In the process of releasing long standing emotional pain, long term physical symptoms and conditions are also healed and released.  During the evening, Katherine will also demonstrate and teach emotional healing techniques to the audience that they can use with a partner or with oneself for emotional self-care.Note:  Tears may shed during the practice portion of the program.  If you are uncomfortable with participating in the practice portion of the program, you are more than welcome to observe and help support the general healing energy of the group.

By the end of this lecture, you will have gained a deeper understanding of how negative emotions impact our lives and the importance of healing negative emotions for greater physical health and emotional well being.  You will also understand how our emotional state affects our personal intuition and connection to our higher self and even to Universal energies.  You will also be given varying healing techniques to use at home for emotional self care and maintenance.

Please wear comfortable clothing and come with an open heart to create a safe and sacred space for emotional healing!

Biography of Speaker

Katherine is a Master healer and teacher, educated and trained in a wide span of healing methods such as massage therapy, Reiki, and numerous other  energy healing modalities. The integration of her knowledge, skills and natural abilities to address and heal emotional wounds on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels is unparalleled.  This integrated approach to healing clears a deep path to connecting to one’s intuitions and to one’s higher-self perceptions (and beyond!)  through understanding, forgiving and (ultimately)unconditionally loving oneself.

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