Video and Media

NHMS Promotional Video

We have a wonderful promotional video for you to watch that will tell  you all about our organization. This film was written, directed and produced by Paolo Propato, one of our more recent speakers!

Please click on the video below.
(Make sure you click on part 2 at the end of this video to finish watching)

NHMS Speaker’s Videos

Here you can explore our past programs by connecting to our own YouTube channel.  On this site you can watch our video  programs at your leisure and in your own time.  We presently offer a variety of lecture programs for you to watch that explore a wide array of lecture topics.  These  programs were created from the videotapes of our monthly meetings held over the last six years and run about 45  to 90 minutes each. Some of these programs offer channeling presentations, meditations and interactive processes which you can also follow. Some of these programs are musical events.  There are approximately 27 video presentations to choose from.

Please click on the link below to connect to our YouTube channel.

NHMS Speaker’s Video’s on You Tube