About Us

Welcome to Our Organization! 

We are an educational organization that serves the “New Age” community of the Greater Delaware Valley of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  We offer metaphysical education and spiritual inspiration through monthly programs/ workshops, seminars and videos.  We also provide a “safe haven” for people, a place where  people  can find personal support, spiritual community and metaphysical education on a routine and monthly basis.

Amy-Bortner Gialuco, Director

“We Make a Difference In Your Life!”

Founded in 1990, The New Hope  Metaphysical Society, is an organization dedicated to “making the world a better place”  and “making a real difference in your life” by promoting spiritual ideals, universal laws and metaphysical principles to the community at large. It does so by offering a variety of programs, seminars and lectures to the public at its monthly meetings and through its outreach program.  These meetings give the public an opportunity to hear high quality speakers on a variety of New Age topics which serve to educate and enlighten them to a variety of spiritual and metaphysical perspectives.

Also serving as a “safe haven”, it consistently offers a place and time where  people seeking personal support and  spiritual community (as well as metaphysical education) can gather together in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere.  Attending these programs, gives an individual a chance to meet with like-minded people who can share in their interest in the metaphysical, spiritual or New Age dimension of life.

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Meeting Location

Pebble Hill Church
320 Edison-Furlong Rd.,
Doylestown, Pa. 18901

 Located in Central Bucks County, Pa., the New Hope Metaphysical Society meets once a month, on the fourth Wednesday of the month, at Pebble Hill Interfaith Church in Doylestown, Pa. Pebble Hill Church is located on a beautiful property with two main buildings, a community garden, labyrinth and Peace Garden. The NHMS meets in the meeting room of the main building on the property (The Red Barn).

Meeting Room at Pebble Hill Church

Meetings are held in the Main Hall of the church and are always open to the public.  Meetings always include a relevant spiritual topic for discussion or guest speaker as part of the meeting program. The guest speaker is often a spiritual teacher, energy healer, holistic health practitioner, spiritual counselor or professional psychic, whose presentation is either a lecture, sample workshop or a group channeling. Quality snacks and refreshments are always offered at these events throughout the evening.

The N.H.M.S. also  has an outreach program which includes a speakers bureau, seminars, symposiums, expos and fundraising events throughout the Greater  Delaware Valley of S.E. Pennsylvania.


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