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September 27 – Richard Braconi, Speaker
“From Undercover Cop to Psychic Medium”


August 30 – Lorna Hines and Tim Wallace – Speakers
Spirit Medium ship

June 28 -Tracie Nichols – Speaker
“The Highly Sensitive Person: Forerunners of the New Age”

Tracie’s part 2 & 3 video can be viewed here.

Part 2.

Part 3.

April 26 – Rhetta Morgan – “Spiritual Activism”

Rev. Morgan’s presentation includes a soul stirring lecture and interactive element including songs, prayers and dance, all of which will focus on positive social action that is grounded in our spiritual nature. Throughout this presentation, you will also be given concrete strategies for change in the area (of your choice) such as social justice, politics and caring for the environment. In her own words, “The change we want in the world is the outcome of both the cultivation of our inner spiritual awareness as well as practical actions taken in the world. Let us come together to have fun and to inspire each other to work for a better world!”

March 22- Sheila Reynolds- “Creating a Positive Vision of the Future”


Sheila Reynolds, Spiritual Channel and Meditation Teacher offered a powerful meditation program on creating a positive vision of the future Wednesday, March 22, 2017.