September Program

Wednesday, September 27         7:30 PM

“Living a Spiritually Centered Existence”


Rich Braconi

                                          Spirit Medium/Medical Intuitive


Program Description

 Richard Braconi, former Philadelphia police detective and narcotics investigator,  has developed  his gifts over the last ten years as a medical intuitive and psychic/medium and now offers his talent as a spirit medium, Spiritual Life Mentor and Medical Intuitive to the public at large.  In this evening’s program, he will share his personal experiences on how he created a more spiritually centered existence for himself that transformed him into the person he is today.  Rich will also share in the process that allowed him to communicate with higher wisdom, spirit beings, to see future events, past lives and medical imbalances.  In the latter half of the evening, Rich will be focusing his discussion on four main topics: The spiritual communication of unconditional love; the will of our spirit; the language of our spirit; and giving up sole ownership over our life.   


Rich is a retired undercover narcotic and criminal investigations detective.  While experiencing a low point in his life, Rich turned to his Catholic upbringing to seek a higher guidance.  Not knowing if this higher guidance truly existed, Rich decided to seek the truth for himself.  Over the next 10 years, Rich dedicated himself to proving the existence of his spirit.  As a result of this endeavor, Rich now has the ability of remaining spiritually centered, communicating with any other source of spiritual energy and enjoying a much more loved based relationship with the world around him.     

Admission to this program is $15 at the door
or $10 online.