February Program


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To Pre-register for the Event

To pre-register for this event, we ask that you submit a small ♥ donation to the site.  You can donate any amount you wish for this event. Just click on the donate button below or on the live stream event page (closer to the date of the event) and you will be able to pre-register.

The live stream event page will be available to the public on Wed., Feb. 21 (after 7:30 PM).  On that date, you will need to return to this page and then, click on the graphic at the top of the page. Once you have clicked on the graphic, you will be taken to the livestream event page.  There you can review the information and pre-register by clicking on the donate button at the bottom of the page.

You also have the option of submitting a love donation after you view the event as well. Just click on the donation button on the side of any page on the site and you will be able to make your donation.

To View the Event

To view the live stream event on Thursday, Feb. 23 at 7:30 PM , again, return to this page on that date and time and click on the graphic at the top of this page and you will be automatically taken to the livestream event page.  Once you are on the page, sit back and “enjoy the show”!

We encourage feedback from the viewing audience so you will be able to chat with us by submitting your comments on the livestream event page during the presentation as well as submitting your comments in the comment section  below, after the event.

We look forward to your participation in this event and to your comments and feedback!

Thank you in advance for your participation!

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