March Program

Wednesday, March 22      7:30 PM    

“Creating a Positive Future through the Power of Intention”


Sheila Reynolds

Spiritual Medium and Meditation Teacher


Many of my friends and family, as well as myself, have been dealing with disorientation, anxiety, anger, and fear since The Election. I’ve identified these as areas of concern:

  • How to distinguish fake news from the real facts. How to trust ourselves to know what are lies and what is the truth
  • How to deal with the government’s thoughtless disregard in making decisions affecting our country and the security of the entire world.
  • How to ameliorate the constant shaming, humiliation, bullying, and lack of empathy coming to the surface on all levels of society

To help people re-center, ground and balance (and to become more pro-active), we will concentrate on the qualities of Truth, Wisdom, and Kindness as our new focus. During this evening’s program, we will  focus on those qualities, through meditation and reflection, and  feeling the power of those qualities,  project their power out into the world, creating a new energy dynamic for the world.

To make an intention for the Good, for Truth, for Wisdom and for Kindness is a necessary pre-requisite to changing the world and its direction.  Let us change the world together  through intentional community and sharing.

Won’t you join us this evening?


Sheila Reynolds is a gifted channel of spirit and teacher of metaphysics. Her early influences include the writings and teachings of Carl Jung, Jane Roberts, Alan Watts, and Robert Monroe.

In 1978, Sheila co-founded Mind Matters with retired therapist Sandra Stevens author of Being Alive is Being Psychic, about how they began their metaphysical journey in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Over the years, Sheila has helped thousands of individuals enhance their meditation experiences and learn to recognize and utilize their own inner guidance.

Sheila offers private (in-person) readings, long-distance readings, and group classes. For more information about Sheila and her services, go to

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