April Program

Wednesday, April 26            7:30 PM

“Spiritual Activism”


Reverend Rhetta Morgan

Speaker and Program Presenter


The Rev. Rhetta Morgan  will be the featured  speaker at our April meeting.   She is an interfaith minister,  accomplished singer, activist and  founder of Ecclesia Spirit, an inclusive ministry of events that support transformation, located in Philadelphia, Pa.  She will be offering a dynamic program on the topic of “Spiritual Activism”. 

Rev. Morgan has put together a presentation for this evening that will include a soul stirring lecture and interactive element including songs, prayers and dance, all of which will focus on positive social action that is grounded in our spiritual nature.  Through this presentation, you  will  be given concrete strategies for change  in the area (of your choice) such as social justice, politics and care of the environment.  In her own words, “The change we want in the world is the outcome of both the cultivation of our inner spiritual awareness and strength as well as practical actions taken in the world.  Let us come together to have  fun and to inspire each other to work for a better world!”

Rev. Rhetta Morgan is an interfaith minister, musician and activist in the Philadelphia area. She is founder of Ecclesia Spirit, an inclusive ministry of gatherings, events and offerings that support profound transformation. Ordained in 2009 at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, Rev. Morgan left a career as professional, international singer to integrate her love of music, spirituality and activism into opportunities to serve the current change in paradigm.  She has worked with EQAT, Philly Thrive, The New Economy Coalition and Protecting our Waters, as musical leader and spiritual anchor. Rev. Rhetta’s most meaningful work is mentoring and counseling activists in our area, encouraging self-care and what she calls a spiritual tool box, to aid against despair, overwhelm and depression.